Yesterday it was announced that I’ll be starting a new full time gig at Erskine Design as their new front-end developer. I’m absolutely thrilled to bits to have won the role, and equally so about the possibilities it opens up for me: working with that team.

It does however mean that I’ll be leaving the space I was sharing with The Dandy Collective, and it was lovely to get a warm goodbye from @onecopywriter. I learned a lot while I was there from some seriously talented word smiths and designers: and they’re bloody good eggs to boot! I know they’re looking to have someone come and fill in the gap the office, so if you’re a freelance creative / geek type I suggest you flock to their doors with your raison d’etre as it were.

It also means I won’t be available for freelance projects any more, and I’ll be looking for someone (maybe a couple of people) to take over any unserviced work I have here. If you’re a dab hand at ExpressionEngine and you’ve got an eye for good design I’d like to know about you, so get in touch!. I daresay there might be some other people who’d like to know you too.

The person I’d like to take over some of my commitments would need to be an ExpressionEngine wizard, which would include extending it with Modules etc. If you reckon it might suit you, I’d love to hear from you: you can use the form in the footer to drop me an introduction and preferably your rates too. Thanks!